Choosing the Best Business Logo Design

business logo design

To avoid potential logo design failure, it is best to adhere to a traditional, professional look with a maximum of three colour options and only minimal use of bold fonts. Even more important, you should make certain that both the colour and font choices remain harmonious with each other. If one looks bad in comparison to the other, this can create the appearance of an unprofessional, disjointed logo and may drive away potential customers.


Colour and font should be selected based upon their significance to your business and your company’s reputation. If you have a strong brand name, which is a well-established company, then you may want to consider using a logo design which has been in use for many years or one which you feel represents you. If your business is new and relatively untested, however, then you may want to go with a more casual, informal logo which will reflect your company’s image. This can be accomplished by including a combination of letters, numbers, colours, or both, which is representative of your company’s ethos and image.

If your logo is to include both colour and text, then you will want to choose a colour and font combination which are following your logo and which will create a positive impression on all parties involved. Remember that your chosen logo will appear on all printed materials as well as your web sites, thus making it imperative that the colour is legible when it is displayed on a white background. Similarly, the size of your logo should fit in properly within the overall design and format of your website or letterhead. It is also advisable to place a logo within a page which contains information relevant to your business.

Hiring a Designer

When selecting a logo designer, your final decision should be based upon the fact that a logo designer has the expertise necessary to create a quality logo that matches your business goals and objectives. For instance, if you are a small business or are trying to find a way to make a mark in a competitive industry, then your chosen designer should be capable of coming up with an original and attractive logo which can represent your company and its products or services.

business logo design

A good logo designer is someone who has a vast understanding of the principles that govern graphic design. The best designers also have a keen understanding of how colour and text should be using to convey your company’s message to its potential customers and clients. Because a logo is not just a visual component but also involves written content, the designer must choose a font that is readable, easy to read, and which is visually appealing. If the choice of a font is not visually appealing, then your logo will not only fail to convey its message; it’s a message, but may also cause a reader to lose interest.

Design Tools

While selecting your business logo design, it is also important that the designer you hire is adept at using all types of media, and a wide variety of other graphic design programs. Because your design may need to be produced on several different surfaces, the designer must have an understanding of the various formats which can be used to create the desired results. Your design should be able to adapt to the size, style, and layout of any given document or print medium so that your logo is easily legible on any type of paper or monitor. You may also want to request that the design be printed or created onto multiple sheets of paper with multiple colours so that the finished product is both attractive and easily legible.

The best business logo design should be able to convey the message clearly and professionally and easily. Most graphic designers will agree that the best logo designer for your project should be able to make changes or amendments to the logo once it has been created. If the designer cannot make these changes, then the logo may be too expensive or difficult to change later on.

Your business logo design is the single most important advertising asset that your company possesses. Because of this, you must select a designer who is experienced, capable, and willing to make the necessary changes or amendments if needed.

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